Thank you for your interest in Open Doors. 

We have provided this tool for the public to know which businesses/companies stand with the LGBTQ community. Once you get your listing, the following are the advantages for being part of Open Doors:

  • Site is available to be translated to any language
  • Business owners can keep their listings current and up-to-date
  • Directory listings can now list any COVID-19 information they want customers to know
  • GPS feature is improved and can pinpoint businesses near your current location
  • Listings can accommodate logo and photos
  • You can request a window decal to prominently display at your business as a show of your support for equality
  • With your listing on Open Doors, you also get a listing on OpenToAll unless you indicate that you would prefer to opt out of that program

Additionally, for an annual contribution of $100, your business will be featured on a special section of the website. For more details, email