What is the process to list my company on Open Doors?
First we ask you to consider if you, in fact, have decided to keep your doors open with no regard to any type of discrimination. We want to let people know about this. Once you have made that commitment and you are ready to list your business, click on the ‘Getting Started’ link under the ‘Business Owners’ menu. You will first need to set up a user account. Once you do that, and you are logged in, you can click on the link called ‘Add a Business’. Follow the prompts to enter all the details. We encourage you to include a logo and photos to your listing.

If I get listed, how do you verify that our business is equality friendly?
Our expectation is that business owners/representatives will self proclaim their business as one that does not discriminate. There is a statement on the form in which the checkbox will be your way of making that pledge. If you have questions or need suggestions about how to make your business more equality friendly, please email rene@equalityflorida.org.

I know a few companies that I believe should be listed. How do I go about recommending them and what process will follow?
Look for the link that says ‘Suggest a Business’ and complete the form. When you submit your suggestion, our staff will be prompted to reach out to the recommended business to ask them to register.

I noticed a listing of a company on Open Doors that has demonstrated that they are NOT allies of the LGBTQ community. How can I let you know about this?
Equality Florida reserves the right to delete a business that does not comply with the pledge businesses make during the initial registration. Since this pledge is self reported, our best tool of oversight is our users who may be in a position to provide insight into any issues that arise. Send an email to rene@equalityflorida.org to bring it to our attention.

Why isn't the 'near me' feature working for me?  If you have geolocation services turned off on your device, are using a VPN, or do not grant permission, we might not be able to detect your location.

I noticed a listing of a company that is no longer in business. How can I let you know about this?
If you find a listing of a company that has shut down, please let us know by sending an email to rene@equalityflorida.org

I  noticed that a company that I own is listed, but I don’t remember listing it. How can I claim it and make sure that it is always current?
Congratulations! That means as some point, someone on our staff or one of our volunteers recognized you as a company that needed to be listed so that users of the directory would know of your commitment to equality. We anticipated that might happen. Look for the link under the ‘Business Owners’ tab and click on ‘Claim my Business’. Once you submit the completed form, someone from our staff will contact you via phone or email to complete the process so that you would be granted access to update and maintain your listing.

What is the nature of your partnership with Open To All?
Open to All is a national initiative in which businesses are encouraged to pledge anti-discrimination in their companies, very similar to our program. The difference is that theirs is a national platform and focuses on all types of discrimination. Open Doors is focused on Florida and while it also focuses on all types of discrimination, there is a special emphasis on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. As part of our partnership with them, your business will be added to their web directory of businesses, unless you indicate on your form that you prefer to opt-out of that feature.