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Trust Attorney Ocala | e-Estates and Trusts, PLLC

e-Estates and Trusts, PLLC is a law firm offering virtual and concierge legal services in the areas of estate planning,probate administration, and trust administration to clients throughout Florida. We also serve clients whose loved one passed away while residing in Florida or owning assets located in Florida.

Here at e-Estates and Trusts, PLLC, our Trust Attorney Ocala Fl are dedicated to providing you with compassionate, quality legal representation without disrupting your day-to-day routine.


Who we are?
We are an Independent Virtual Services company offering work-from-home opportunities as an independent call center professional agent since 2014.
We are affiliated with Arise Virtual Solutions.

We offer the opportunity to work with Fortune 150 & 500 companies.
You can earn from $9-$14+/hr. depending on experience and client selected to work.
There are multilingual clients available for different languages, especially Spanish.


Orange142 is a digital media, advertising and marketing firm with offices in Central and Northwest Florida. We work with brands and agency partners to develop, strategize and implement targeting digital marketings efforts.

Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective

What will Rosarium do for you? Whatever you need.

From moment one, we are laser-focused on growing your brand and maximizing your revenues. Whether it’s public relations, marketing, creative, or making you the next best-selling author, Rosarium is dedicated to bringing success to your endeavors.

Welcome. We look forward to helping you grow with us.

Niki Lopez Creative

Niki Lopez Creative: Designing For Impact, Creating For Change.

With almost two decades of experience, we are an award-winning design agency dedicated to empowering marginalized voices through art and design. Our services include art direction, graphic design, video production, cultural programming, curatorial and exhibition design, and community building. We believe in the transformative power of storytelling and place-making to inspire change and promote healing.

Sweet Leaf Solutions

Sweet Leaf Solutions LLC is a forward-thinking startup specializing in innovative solutions for the cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics industries. Our team is led by Kendra Slinker, who understands these evolving sectors' unique challenges and opportunities. We empower businesses to thrive by focusing on compliance, operational efficiency, and strategic, scalable growth.

BizEdge - Technology Services

Bizedge offers its technology advisory and services to its clients, but with a difference, they put the client first, ensuring that the client benefits from services and solutions that are underlined at all times by safety, privacy, resilience, and a great return on investment.

With decades of proven experience, Bizedge is an international leader in IT service delivery.

NewEdj, LLC -- Business and Technology Consulting

Founded in 2022 in the US and Europe, newEdj was formed from the coming-together of two business leaders, Krysten Bacan and Rachael Evans. Krysten a 30 year veteran of MSP service management and Rachael, business strategy, transformation, and banking came together to bring a new type of advisory firm to its clients. Tired of seeing solutions designed by the big consultants who overpromised and underdelivered while treating their clients like ATMs, they decided it was time for a change!