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Specialists Accounting

Our team of experts includes licensed CPAs, experienced accountants, research analysts, and bookkeepers. We provide customized accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services for small and mid-sized businesses. Our firm and employees actively support our community by providing donations to charities and voluntary advisory services to small business owners to support their continued growth and sustainability. We steadfastly support our clients and pride ourselves in our commitment to never cut corners and remain regulatory compliant.

Loughlin Law, P.A.

Loughlin Law P.A. focuses on personal injury, estate planning, and probate administration in Florida.

We offer virtual legal services in Florida for each of our practice areas in order to accommodate your lifestyle and schedule, and to make the process as simple and pain-free as possible.

Our non-traditional approach to estate planning and probate administration in Florida allows us to provide support to beneficiaries in Florida, as well as those out of state who have lost a loved one that resided or owned property in Florida.


We assist residential and commercial policyholders with insurance coverage and/or property damage disputes throughout the state of Florida. We also represents owners that have property damage issues with their home or condominium association. We also handle property damage disputes that arise due to defective workmanship. We will handle real estate transaction disputes between a buyer and seller and evictions as well.

Florida Probate Law Firm, PLLC

Florida Probate Law Firm, PLLC provides formal probate administration, ancillary probate administration, probate litigation, and professional executor services in all 67 counties across the state of Florida.

We are dedicated to providing affordable and timely legal services to families in need after the passing of a loved one, and by focusing on one practice area we can strive to make the inheritance process as seamless and burden free as possible.

Kairos Insurance Group

We specialize in designing insurance packages for your business. With over twenty years of experience helping small and large businesses design employee benefits packages to attract and retain top talent, we offer creative solutions to help businesses of any size. LGBTQ and woman-owned business since 2004. We offer health insurance to both businesses and families. Our employee benefits packages include medical, dental, vision, disability, and more. We even have health insurance options for businesses with 1099 employees!