H.E. Feldman & Son inc.


We are a design/build contractors,residential and commercial,as well as pool contractors.
H.E. Feldman & Son,inc. have been providing quality home building and remodeling services in the Tampa Bay area since 1974.We are known for our exceptional quality of construction work and our unmatched level of customer service.
At H.E. Feldman & Son we understand that the thought of building a new home or starting a remodel project can be intimidating,but no matter the size of the job we strive to make it as enjoyable for you as possible.
We have a swimming pool division in order too have a well rounded company too satisfy all your needs.
Commercial construction is also one of our specialties.We have experience in grocery stores,hospitals,office buildings,warehouses,restaurants,and dedicate ourselves to quality craftsmanship.

My business follows a policy of non-discrimination that includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


76- 4th street no.
St.Petersburg, FL 33731
United States

27.7718357, -82.638933


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