Jordan Glen School & Summer Camp


Jordan Glen School is located in Archer, Florida, eight miles west of Gainesville (home of the University of Florida) on 20 acres of field, orchard, and woods that provide a safe, physically beautiful environment, in itself an exceptional learning resource. The integration of the outdoor space into the total atmosphere of Jordan Glen sets us apart. Walk around our grounds once and it will be apparent why our school is such a special place.
The philosophy of Jordan Glen is based on the observation that even though there are universal and predictable sequences of change in children, each child is unique with an individual pattern of timing and growth. Our commitment is to an educational program that values individual differences, exploration and discovery, meaningful academic study, sportsmanship, and personal and global responsibility.
We feel our excellent staff gives us the opportunity to understand each child’s specific creative, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. We consider ourselves advocates of children and childhood. We would like our children to enjoy their time spent away from home and feel that we exemplify our belief that the joy of living and love of learning need never be separated.
School Atmosphere & Faculty
The atmosphere at Jordan Glen is informal yet respectful. Teachers are known by their first names and strive to create a warm, friendly learning environment that is supportive and responsive to each child’s individuality as well as to the group as a whole. The day begins at 9am with “Morning Meeting” where students and teachers convene to discuss the day’s activities, make announcements, and share special happenings and news. Participation, group problem-solving, and cooperation are encouraged.
Jordan Glen’s faculty is made up of skilled and dedicated professionals, including Jeff Davis, the director for more than 40 years. 
An educational program that is organized around the individual needs, skills, and interests of children requires a faculty with an unusual wealth of knowledge and understanding of child development. Jordan Glen’s faculty members are experienced teachers who are skilled in providing a stimulating, challenging, developmentally appropriate curriculum for their students.
The faculty at Jordan Glen has a strong commitment to academic excellence. Academic achievement  is monitored through both formal and informal inventories and testing. Students transferring from Jordan Glen into other schools enter at or above their standard grade level. Many of our alumni have gone on to distinguish themselves in high school advanced placement and honors curricula, such as the Cambridge and International Baccalaureate (I.B.) programs.

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My business follows a policy of non-discrimination that includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


12425 SW 154 ST
Archer, FL 32618
United States

29.540774, -82.506278


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