Key West Botanical Garden Society, Inc.


The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden is the only "subtropical, frost-free" tropical forest & botanical garden in the continental United States, a tropical environment with ample rain that allows most trees to retain their leaves in the dry season (December through late May). It is home to many endangered and threatened flora and fauna. Unlike traditional botanical gardens, this garden advocates the education and protection of native plants and wildlife species in a natural conservation habitat. Tropical forests of the world hold at least half of all the variety of life on Earth. Moreover, the species found within the Caribbean are among the richest in plant and animal life on the planet.

Celebrating its 85th anniversary in 2021, this garden is a special place where you can experience biodiversity and learn more about its importance. For instance, the forest has two of the last remaining fresh water ponds in the Keys and is a major migratory stopping point for neo-tropical birds from places as far as South America, as well as being home to many rare birds of the Florida Keys. Enjoy this "one of a kind" U.S. tropical forest and garden filled with butterflies, birds, plants, pollinators and seasonal beautiful flowers.
Your visit begins with a smiling greeter at our education center. See a short film and browse the photo walls. Pick up a Garden Guide that describes the 12 self-guided tours which includes 2 wetland habitats, 2 butterfly gardens and 3 exhibits. The lush courtyard has a waterfall wall of tropical plants with turtles below happily showing off their home. Meander through the 1-1/2 acre butterfly habitat in the historical garden and the 1-1/2 acre Blue Butterfly Habitat that sustain the remaining 39 species native to the keys identified! Stroll through a lush canopy of tropical palms and trees. Discover a hidden pond and maybe get lucky enough to see a rare resident white crowned pigeon or bald eagle! The Garden offers clean restrooms, Gift Shop, refreshments and is handicap accessible.  Enjoy the garden and learn via self-guided tours; the guide book, private tour guide, cell phone and internet tours.  The garden is a Wi-Fi and birders' hot-spot.  Open 10-4 daily except major holidays.

Rediscover your sense of exploration and adventure. This garden is a great family venue for the beginning naturalist to the academic. Any day is a great day to see the Garden.

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5210 College Road
KEY WEST, FL 33040-4302
United States

COVID-19 Information

Safe Social Distancing Protocols followed: face coverings and 6 ft. distancing.
Throughout this pandemic, the Garden proudly continued its mission to protect this historic site for the City, keep up its role in conserving the environment by protecting one of the last vestiges of green open space in the lower Keys, as well as provide health and wellness to our community and visiting guests. With open air 6 ft. wide trails, you can experience nature with plenty of room for social distancing while walking in the sunlight (finally VU rays are a protectant), breathing deeply of the fresh air, under the magnificent open sky, in the company of abundant native flora and fauna with-in our 15 acre native garden as the Society’s Mission intended. All antidotes needed to beat the ‘coronavirus blues’.

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