Frustrated with the traditional HR support, recruiting firm and headhunter models? We were, too! Let's face it, they're expensive and typically fail to provide you the people that you need. After nearly 20 years as an executive at Citigroup, Hewitt, and a global software company, Amy McGeorge had overseen the hiring of more than 10,000 people and knew there had to be a better way to hire. Working with an expanded team of experienced human resources specialists and innovative web-based marketing experts, we created our revolutionary approach to human resources and recruiting and opened Peoplr in 2014 to offer growing companies the convenient and effective support they need, at prices they can afford. Already we've helped over 75 companies find great people and save an average of $11,555 each! Whether you select a hiring package or just a few HR specialties or recruiting services, you'll get to speak to our charming Concierge, and he or she will walk you through the process. No matter what you order, your Concierge is your account manager and will offer help and advice whenever you need it. Have a question about a submitted candidate? Your Concierge is there to help! Would you rather be left alone and just access your products via our website and never have to talk with anyone? We can do that, too. Your experience—your way. Easy. Peasy. Done.

My business follows a policy of non-discrimination that includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


5011 Gate Parkway, Building 100
Suite 100
Jacksonville, FL 32256
United States

30.2464926, -81.5346152


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