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SMART Ride is a two-day, 165 mile bicycle ride from Miami to Key West. SMART Ride is unique to fundraising in that we guarantee that 100% of every dollar raised by our participants will go to help those infected, affected or at risk for HIV and AIDS in Florida. To date that has amounted to over $9.3 Million dollars since 2003. 
SMART Ride is a fully supported bicycling event, we travel with a medical team, masssage team, rest stops, bike transport, rider transport. We provide everything from overnight housing to meals and our goal is to assist 7 principle benefiting agencies across Florida help those dealing with HIV and AIDS. Florida currently ranks number 1 in the nation for new cases of infection with Miami and Dade leading the nation. AIDS has not gone away and is on the upswing in the sunshine state. Our goal is to help those already infected receive the services they need and help educate those at risk. ]
To join SMART Ride as a rider or participant please visit www.thesmartride.org, together we can end HIV and help so many. 

My business follows a policy of non-discrimination that includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


1107 NE 34th Court
Oakland Park, FL 33334
United States

26.1706322, -80.132161


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