Cesar Lara MD, weight management and wellness institute


We are a medical practice whose focus is on prevention of diseases which are typically associated with aging, through innovative and medical evidence based therapies with the use of Bio-Identical Hormones, nutrition and pro-active use of leading age supplements, to optomize the bodies ability to thrive and live healthy.  A key vision is for our health span to   equal our life span. 
Our succesful weight management program is individualize and brings the science of Gut health, mitochondria, endocrine and neuroscience into synchronicity, by not only focusing on loosing weight, but more importantly on the causes of obesity and bringing forth the ability to not only achieve a healthy weight, but just as important, teaching a lifestyle modification along with the techniques and tools necessary to mantain a healthy weight for life. 
Dr Lara's succesful weight management program has helped changed and empowered thousands of lifes in our own community by helping them get rid of medications, get rid of diabettes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure,and many other conditions and improving their overall health and quality of life. 
Dr Lara is an inniovator and leader in his field with Board certification in Family medicine, Obesity medicine and is recognized a one of only a handful of Obesity Fellows in the country, he has advance certification in Complex Bio-identical hormone replacement and management, and has trained a highly knolegable and caring team where in a modern, clean and confortable enviroment they support, guide and empower his patients to optimal health.
Dr Lara has also acquired extensive training in energy medicine and is a Shaman bringing the wisdom of the ancient Inka to the benefit of those guided by his therapies. 
We have three locations to serve our patiens; Downtown St Petersburg, Clearwater near Morton plant hospital and in Dunedin near US 19 on Curlew rd next to Joan fabrics.

My business follows a policy of non-discrimination that includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


115 First street south
St Petersburg, FL 33701
United States

27.7700383, -82.6342009


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